Take out 450 USD loan without payslip.

Borrow 450 USD? And that without a payslip!

Borrow 450 USD? And that without a payslip!

Did that economic recession cause you to lose your job? Or are you afraid that will happen in the future?

When the time has come, there is not much you can do except register at various employment offices and search through newspapers and the internet to look for vacancies.

Bills go through what now?

Bills go through what now?

In the meantime, the accounts unfortunately all go through. And payment is the only option. You do not pay that you will be on the street in no time. Once you are on the street it becomes even more difficult to find a job and a new home.

You can of course go to family for money to pay the bills. Of course? That is easily said. Unfortunately, many people don’t have that option. For those people, there is not much left than a mini loan.

In many cases you should avoid mini-loan when necessary. But are you in a situation where you don’t have a job and still have to pay the bills? Then there are enough mini loans that you do not need and can avoid. And the great thing about these mini loans is that they are not as detrimental as you may think.

It is possible to only be attached to a mini loan for 1 month. This means you never have a debt longer than necessary. For example, if you need 450 USD to pay the rent this month, you can immediately take out the mini loan.

And waiting for the borrowed money is no longer necessary. The same day, 450 USD will be in your account.

Can you take out this mini loan with your own bank?

Can you take out this mini loan with your own bank?

The answer to that question is no. Because many different people with different functions work at a bank, it is never possible to provide you with the mini loan the same day.

However, this is possible via the internet. This is because almost no people are involved in the process. You send in your application and your application will be approved within a few hours. After approval of your application, the amount of money, 450 USD, will be deposited into your account via internet banking.

How to avail Good Finance Personal Loans?

Personal loans Good Finance are available in different forms. A personal loan Good Finance is the framework loan, which is supposed to replace an overdraft loan inexpensively. However, while over 11% interest is partially charged for an overdraft facility, only an effective annual interest of 6.74% (6.95% effective) is charged.

The amount not used is subject to interest rate changes by the ECB. A framework loan of between USD 5,000 and USD 25,000 can be taken out at Good Finance. The interest-only applies to the amount actually called up. The credit decision is made quickly and there are no additional costs.

Borrower opts for a Good Finance personal loan


Good Finance does not charge a processing fee, account management and statements are free of charge and special repayments are also possible. If the borrower opts for a Good Finance personal loan in the form of an installment loan with Good Finance, the interest rate is currently 5.79% (5.95% effective) annually.

The borrower can choose a loan amount between USD 5,000 and USD 50,000. The duration can be chosen freely between 12 and 84 months. Special repayments are also possible here at any time. The applicant does not have to reckon with additional costs (e.g. for processing, account management, account statements). As a service, Good Finance offers runtime and financing calculators.

Personal loan for vehicle purchases


If the applicant is interested in purchasing a car, he can take out the Good Finance personal loan like a car loan. Here too, the applicant can choose between an amount of USD 5,000 and USD 50,000.

The term is between 24 months and 84 months. The loan can also be taken out without a down payment. The interest rate is 5.41% per year (5.45% effective). If the vehicle is purchased in cash, additional discounts can be given. Special repayments can also be made with this loan variant. No other costs are foreseen.

Personal loan for your own four walls


For real estate owners and those who will in the future, the Good Finance personal loan is ideal as a residential loan. This loan is particularly suitable for property owners who want to renovate or modernize their home, or who want to renovate their home and heating in an energy-efficient manner.

But also for those who want to buy new furniture or redesign their garden. The term of this loan variant is 24 months to 84 months with an interest rate of 5.70% per year (5.85% effective). Special repayments are also possible for housing loans and no additional costs are charged.

* Why not put some more money in your account for your extra needs or as a financial buffer.

  • Start your credit request now (this does not result in a contract).
  • After checking your request, the money will be in your account after 4 days.
  • All you have to do is accept our offer. If not, then not. No catch, no upfront costs.

Small Income Home Loan

Obtaining a mortgage with small incomes is entirely possible, here is the procedure to follow.

The mortgage is accessible to all people wishing to access the property, so everyone can freely apply to a bank or a credit institution, whether you have a high income or a low salary. Simply, not all borrowers will get their financing because there are requirements in terms of the professional situation, in terms of debt capacity or even of living.

The amount of income is not one of the major criteria for obtaining a mortgage, it is above all the ability to borrow which determines the feasibility of financing. A borrower may have high income and an ability to borrow close to zero, just as another borrower may have low income and borrowing capacity. So you have to start by calculating your ability to borrow, it is defined by the number of charges in relation to income, you can go into debt up to 33% in France.


Modest income accepted in mortgage

Modest income accepted in mortgage

A borrower with modest incomes but having zero debt will be able to spend up to a third of his income to repay a monthly mortgage, so he is not at all excluded from obtaining financing in this situation. Banks are studying all mortgage applications and many applicants are becoming homeowners with low incomes. Obviously, a household already having credits in progress will not necessarily be able to obtain its financing, it will eventually be necessary to settle the credits or have to resort to a loan repurchase to rebalance the finances.

Modest incomes can take advantage of subsidized loans, we are obviously talking about the zero rate loan (PTZ), it is a loan granted by banks whose interests are supported by the State, there is also the loan for social accession (PAS) which allows you to get a much better rate, especially when you have modest incomes. These loans are precisely intended to facilitate access to property for all modest households, so it is indeed a reality to become an owner with a small salary, whether one is alone or accompanied by a co- borrower.


Simulate your mortgage application online

Simulate your mortgage application online

Each situation is different, each borrower has a different appreciation of the income estimated as low. Many households believe that they cannot have access to the property when they could benefit from subsidized loans or advantageous conditions for their mortgage. It is therefore strongly advised to carry out a simulation of mortgage online, especially since this approach is completely free and without any commitment.